On top of this page, you can see a live demonstration of the main menu icons, and RTF. Up arrow icon

The main menu is very strong offer built with clean, accessible XHTML code structure and efficient sub-panels drop down.

Icon Main Menu

Icon Main Menu

You can connect any of 20 predefined icons for menu items to make them more attractive.

The main menu icons Settings

To set the icons, you'll have to go to the settings menu items and add symbol combinations JSN-icon-xxx to menu item parameter Link CSS style , where xxx is the name of the icon.

Main menu Rich Text

Main menu Rich Text

You can add descriptive text for the menu item to be much clearer.

The main Settings menu RTF

To set the descriptive text, you have to go to the settings menu items and add descriptive text to the menu parameter Link Title attribute .

Main menu icons, and Rich Text in combination

Main menu Rich Text in combination with icons

You can set the menu items are used both icons and text formatted in combination. Look at the main menu on this page to see a live demonstration.